• CC EAL5+ Secure Element

    Private keys are stored in banking grade CC EAL5+ secure enclave. The secure enclave is a tamper-proof integrated circuit designed to secure sensitive data. Your private keys never leave the Ronyn Vault and remain secured within the device.

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  • Cold Storage

    The Ronyn Vault operates entirely offline, there is no Wi-Fi connection. As such there is no means for the device to be accessed remotely. This prevents remote attackers from reaching your digital assets. Browse the Blockchain with peace of mind.

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  • Physical Verification

    All transactions and data are verified and confirmed physically on the large touch screen display to ensure security.

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Multi-Token Support

Supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Your vault gets better with you.

New tokens, secure updates and DApps functionality continually added via firmware updates.

Support all Major Platforms

Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Welcome to the future of banking.

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